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Baleine Blanche in Sainte-Marine

Learn more about the boat hire in Sainte-Marine :

Baleine Blanche has been located in the Sainte-Marine Harbour for many years. The boats are available from March to November.

Our wide fleet of boats allows people to book a boat at any moment. We have about ten boats, including two license free boats. Baleine Blanche is intended to many different people, from the 16 years old teenagers to the experienced sailors.

Moreover, the boats we offer have different characteristics and therefore are adapted to many requirements. Some of our boats are fast and equipped for leisure, some others are more comfortable and more adpated for big families. Before going out with the boat, we will explain to you how the boat works, the path advised and the places to visit.


Everything about Titou :

When visiting Baleine Blanche, you will be received by Jean-Baptiste L’Ollivier, aka Titou. Experienced sailor and former offshore racer, his experience allows him to advise his customers with accuracy. Thanks to his expertise, he will also adapt to your practical level and will present you the boat you have rented the best way possible. Titou has a very long record in offshore racing, it includes 5 Solitaires du Figaro, a world record for the crossing of the atlantic, 2 Transquadra etc… That is the reason why you are assured to be in good hands if you rent a boat at Baleine Blanche !