Apply for the boat license

Informations about the boat license :

For the boat license, the courses take place in our office in Sainte-Marine but you will have to go to Concarneau to pass the test. We offer you a full training that includes 5h of theoretical courses and 3h30 of practical courses. We will also give you access to a training website in order to give you autonomy in your training. You will have to provide 350€ for the full training. This price doesn’t include the 108€ of tax stamps. You will be able to buy them on the website

You can download the documents necessary to the registration below, otherwise they will be given to you in our office or by email.  Thanks to the boat license you will be able to access the Glénan Islands. However, due to the increasing number of applications for the boat license, please call us as soon as you can.

To download the documents for the registration :


Private lessons :

If you alreay have the boat license and you want to improve yourself in docking and undocking strategies or anything else, we offer private lessons of 1h or more for 50€ to 120€ depending on the kind of lesson.


After the boat license :

Once you have the boat license, you will be able to comme back and rent one of our boats to go up the Odet River or even to go to the Glénan Islands without breaking a sweat ! So stop waiting and come to Baleine Blanche to apply for the boat license !

Location Bateau pour les Glénans, Concarneau Bénodet Sainte-Marine