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The “West Indies in Brittany”

The Glénan

The Glénan archipelago is located 11 miles far from the Sainte-Marine’s Harbour, after the island “Les Moutons”(The Sheep). This archipelago is therefore easy to reach for the people who have a boat license. Baleine Blanche enables you, thanks to its boats, to arrive in the Glénan in less than 45 minuts. You will then be able to make the most of this incredible scenery, its beaches, inlets and restaurants. This place has also been described in the books of Jean-Luc Bannalec that feature the “Commissaire Dupin”.


Les Moutons

The island “Les Moutons” is 6 miles away from Sainte-Marine, it is reachable by boat thanks to the rock-hold of the island on the north part of the island. However the tides can make it hard for you to access the island, and moreover, due to numerous rocks on the path, the access can become a bit dangerous.


The various islands in the Glénan :

Saint-Nicolas :

It is the main island of the archipelago, one of the very few to be inhabited. It is also home to two restaurants, hence a great stream of people on this island, without a doubt the most crowded one in the archipelago. The island has many coves and is bonded with the island of Bananec  by a sandbar. For the wanderers, a path goes all the way around the island to take advantage of the awesome view.


Penfret :

The Penfret Island is the first one you will see when arriving in the archipelago. By visiting it, you will discover its great lighthouse that illuminates the whole archipelago at night. Like all the other islands, it has many beaches on which you will have the chance to land.

Guériden :

The Guériden Island can also be considered as a sandbar. Indeed, this heavenly island will make you feel like going to the beach in the middle of the ocean.

The Loch :

The Loch Island is the largest in the archipelago, it is inhabitated and is home to a small lake. However only the beaches and the surrounding of the island is opened to the public. Indeed, this island is the property of Vincent Bolloré, a french businessman.


The different paths offered by Baleine Blanche :

Location de bateaux Glénans de Quimper, Bénodet, Sainte-Marine et Concarneau